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Fic Meme: The Fic with Quirrells and Anise Seeds

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Apr. 19th, 2010 | 09:13 pm

Another instalment of my unconventional response to the fic excerpt meme: this excerpt is from an even older fic than the first two.

When this door has closed behind me, the heat and the light of June are gone. I stride across the murky hall telling myself there’s nobody to hurt me here any longer.

The screaming pierces my head. I don’t need to consider whether to cover my ears or to run. Turning into the dog is the only thing that helps, and I must do it quickly before my strength fails. But the shrill sound hurts my canine ears even more. I bound up the stairs trying to keep my tail from between my legs, and there’s nowhere to hide.

He finds me curled up in a corner of my old room. He’s out of breath, but his hand soon steadies, caressing my back with long, firm strokes.

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